Wyvernian, yeah Ark does have some fuzzy stuff for its…

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Wyvernian, yeah Ark does have some fuzzy stuff for its lore about the tidal lock after defeating the King Titan and how the moon got into the condition it was when you get to extinction, but those are easy enough to explain for later story maps or in the series.

If they go that route with it being always night. I hope we see a creature just like that or get a creature inspired by the Future Predator from Primeval. It would make the map so much more terrifying in a way that a creature doesn’t hunt you by sight but hunts you by sound. It could add a lot of new mechanics and ideas for weapons or tools in the game too. But they can do a whole lot with Arat Prime’s story and play style if it’s always dark and never any sort of sunlight, like getting places similar to the void in Subnautica, an abandoned city with some streets and buildings lit up with lights, natural bioluminescent forests and more highly advanced bioluminescent creatures. Especially with some of the new UE5 features added and applied in ASA. I really hope they do take this route when they get around to do Arat Prime. I think that’s all I wanted to say for now. Until next time!!


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