The Red Pike

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The Red Pike

Red’s story, part 12 (I think)

Red had grabbed the giant human-monkey creature, and was now trying to drown it. The creature looked quickly looked around, while trying to move his arms. He freed his arms, and then the creature ripped off two of my tentacles with it’s bare hands. This thing was strong. I ignored the pain, and tried to strangle it with my tentacles. I saw a long sword pop out, and then it cut off the few tentacles that were strangling it. I only had a few tentacles left. I tried to swim away, in hopes of getting away from the creature, but it had the same idea. I realized what I was here for. To kill the humans that had taken from me, and to do that I had to get to shore and kill them. I quickly swam to shore, almost instantly grabbing two humans. I swam deep in to the ocean, probably barely out of range for them to get oxygen. I quickly looked at the humans, and it was the same two I had grabbed before. Then, my grip lessened, and lessened, until I was almost dead. Atleast I had probably killed of these horrible humans, I wanted to take them with me. I let out the loudest sound I could make, alerting every creature I was dead. Just barely, I was able to tell them my position, maybe I could take them after all. And then, it happened. My eyes started to close, I couldn’t control anything, and then my eyes closed and my body slowly fell to the floor. This was the end of Red, Red the squid.

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