The Red Pike

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The Red Pike

Nerva’s Story Part Fourteen

By Red Dragon

They rode for about a day, when they found their base. It wasn’t very hard to find considering they had dire bears and terror birds stationed around the camp. The scout said he saw another scout get shot down around here, but it was dark now. They looked down and saw the solder’s dead body and his pteranodon, both face planted into the ground. “On my signal, attack.” Nerva said to his troops. “Three, two, one... CHARGE!” Siyu, Christopher, and Tyrana all looked up and were greeted with Argentavis, Pteranodons, and Tapejara swooping down to attack them. Dire bears, terror birds, and even trikes were killed, and the base was destroyed, yet the three all escaped without injury. A roar echoed from the trees, and this was a roar that Nerva knew. Goliath burst out of the trees and started attacking all creatures. Siyu, Christopher and Tyrana all escaped east and were lost in the trees. When they were found again they had commandeered a motorboat from one of Nerva’s scouts. The scout’s body was still on the deck, and she had an arrow in her left shoulder. Nerva instructed his troops to fight Goliath, and he landed his Argentavis on the deck of the motorboat. He wanted to kill Siyu personally.

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