The Red Pike

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The Red Pike

Red’s story, part 9

They had traveled to the other cave, after countless hours of swimming.

“I think we’ve made it.” Red said. The mosasaurs and sharks had been quiet, and only replied when told to do something.

“We might need to fight our way here, I think I remember seeing something of the sea emperors here.” Bruce said. Once everyone entered the cave, sharks swam away from them, going to alert the others. Luckily the wounds they got from the last battle had healed, and now they were ready to fight. Two mosasaurs came to the front, but the sharks had swarmed them both, quickly killing them. They progressed further, killing everything in their path, until they got to the very end where only one squid remained.

“We suffered heavy casualties last battle, you might not have realized it, but now it’s the end of the sea emperors.” The squid said.

“Join us or die here.” Red said. The squid thought about for a second, then replied accepting to join them.

“My name is tentacles.” The squid said.

“We need to find the artifact here.” Red said.

“I have it.” Tentacles said. Tentacles handed the artifact to one of red’s tentacles, where she kept it hidden on one of her tentacles. Now they just needed to defeat The Red Legion, but not let them get the artifacts they had retrieved, to stop them from getting any artifacts.

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