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Furbeak's Journey

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Furbeak's Journey

(Action is coming, to say the least..)

Chapter 4

Furbeak hissed at Mudspot as he stalked away. Furbeak knew what to work on now.

'Since the race lost me a Sharpclaw title," he thought, 'running will be what I do.'

'I need fast, but steady,' he decided.

Furbeak scanned the track. As he walked beside it, he checked out every inch. It started at a clear field near The Great River, then ran through the forest. There was a medium sized puddle, a boulder, and a giant fallen redwood tree. It lead to the finish line, marked with cnidaria tentacles molded there with snail slime.

Furbeak made his first run- a sprint. He dashed past the field and jumped over a small rock. He leaped over the puddle, raced around the boulder and climbed over the fallen redwood tree. After that, Furbeak got overly tired and slowed down. He collapsed and imagined the racers bounding triumphantly away with smug looks on their faces.

'I'll have to slow down,' he decided.

Suddenly, the ground shook. Furbeak glanced around wildly. Trees fell and creatures fled. He heard screaming somewhere near home.

'Preystealer?' He reconized it.

A huge ball of black smoke rushed from one of the mountains in the North.

As the ground shook more, a loud crash boomed behind him. Furbeak whipped around and saw a giant rock ball fuming with smoke and steam. It was engulfed in flames.

"Ah!" He watched as the rock, farther away, let fire to the forest.

Furbeak sprinted towards home. More screams followed another crash, and crackling flames burned everywhere.

A cackling tree fell behind him, and flames turned the surroundings to ashes. Another tree fell, making Furbeak jump. Flames reached for him at all sides.

'I'm trapped!' He thought with dismay.

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