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[[Decided: Reaching for the Top]]

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[[Decided: Reaching for the Top]]

Reaching for the Top

Chapter 2

Furbeak walked the rest of the way to the finish line. He stumbled over a bramble and had his claw stuck in a thorn bush a few times. It was dusty from the other racers, but the only thing Furbeak could do to catch a clawhold was wait for next year and train for the games.

After being "congratulated" for being last, he headed home to Preystealer, Clawbeak, and Quickdash, his family. Preystealer was working on creating something when he got home. His young eyes sparkled with excitement as Furbeak trotted to the cave.

"Furbeak! Did you win? How was the race?" Preystealer jumped around him like a rabbit.

"I lost," Furbeak replied, glancing at a few sticks and mud made into a small cave where Preystealer was sitting.

"How?" The glint faded away, and Preystealer looked at him. "Did Mudspot push you like last time?"

"Yep. I'll go tell mom and dad." Furbeak mumbled.

When he went inside the cave, Quickdash ran up to him.

"What happened? Are you hurt? Did you win?" Furbeak's mother asked worriedly.

"I'm fine! And I lost! Tell dad, please."

He stormed off to the forest, needing to think of a plan.

'Let's see,' Furbeak thought, resting in a clearing lined with ferns. 'The challenges are racing, climbing, hunting, swimming, and sneaking. Each challenge gives one point if I am one of the three winners, and the five ones with the most points be made Sharpclaws. I'll train with swimming first.'

Furbeak heaved himself up and went to a lake. The nearest lake was Beaver Lake, and he should try there.

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