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[[Undecided for the name]]

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[[Undecided for the name]]

A prequel to A Yuty's Quest and others, made by Seasnake

Chapter 1

A small juvenile yutyrannus stood in a long line with others about his age. His black and orange stripes seemed to glow in the bright sun of summer. The grass was marked with streaks revealing the racers' paths. The crowd full of yutys watched as the racers took off. Furbeak, one of the youngest, had a chance to finally prove himself as a Sharpclaw, one of the highest ranks of the part of the tribe.

Furbeak shot forward, ahead of the other nine contestants. Their paths broke off into a wild terrian, but they all knew where to go. He jumped over a small pond in the forest and dashed around bushes. He felt the hot breath of another yuty. He twisted his head around quickly. Mudspot, a black-with-brown spotted yuty, was gaining. Furbeak led him into a tree, but he kept on going. A line appeared ahead.

'Finish line!' Furbeak's young mind screamed happily. He ran forward, pushing his limits until..

Mudspot shoved him into a huge boulder and took the lead. The other racers passed, and Furbeak's head spun with dizziness. A small trickle of blood came from his nose, but he didn't care. He had lost. He had lost his second chance to prove himself. Will he get a third? Will he even know?

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