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A Yuty's Quest

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A Yuty's Quest

Chapter 25

The last chapter

Blicket, Quinter and Flame rushed into the trees. A flash of blue flee above them. More followed. They ran into a slight jungle ish area across a river. The crystals were now red. They thought they were save until red flashes were above them. EVERYWHERE. They dove into a cave and hid. "What are they?" Quinter said shakely. "Ack! What!" Blicket whispered. Flame stayed silent in shock. Minutes passed by. Turning into hours. Blicket stepped out. It was dawn. Blood red wings flew overhead of a lake in the midde, with mountains and cliffs around them. The others followed, low in the trees. Loud flapping they heard. Blicket whipped around.

A red wyvern faced them.

It was blood red.

They were gone, banished from Valgrueo.

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