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A Yuty's Quest

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A Yuty's Quest

Chapter 20

Alarms from the Fallen Tribe went off. The carnos fought first. Then stegos, then trikes, soon the battlefeild was bloody and mixed. Wildew rushed towards a group of raptors, roaring. Killing one, he suddenly felt bad. 'He probably had a family.' He thought. Then, Wildew saw the target. A huge, white rex. Red flecks brushed off of him. 'Frostbitten.' He thought. Blicket was already rushing towards him. He started over to him, but a smaller allosaur attacked him. He shook her off and turned to face his attacker, clawing her face and running off. Blicket was doing her favorite move, attacking the tail and hiding behind. Wildew jumped on the alpha rex's neck, at a good angle so he couldn't bite him. But Frostbitten had other plans. He whipped Blicket off his tail and clenched his jaws around a nearby spear, throwing it up.

Lucky for the rex, it hit Wildew in the chest.

As Wildew ripped Frostbitten's jugular, a feirce pain shot through his body.

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