A Yuty's Quest

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A Yuty's Quest

Chapter 19

Shields clattered together. Warriors clasped spears in their tails and jaws. This was war. However, Wildew didnt like it. When the time came for them to move out into the forest, Blicket didnt want any weapons. Nor did Wildew. They were in the Coldest Battalion, who allowed no weapons since yutyrannuses didn't like using weapons. The scout argents came back and said it was clear, as they moved out. The brontos in the back stomped as the smaller carnos in the front ran ahead. The yutys were somewhere in the middle. As they walked past the forest, they neared the swamp, walking past it. Then, the field they saw. The sun sank below the trees as the call of the birds died away. Then, roars from the crowd adrupted.

The war had begun.

And Wildew suddenly remembered he wasn't built for fighting.

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