A Yuty's Quest

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A Yuty's Quest

Chapter 15 (I thinks..)

Blicket started to get hungry. She wasn't the only one. "Is there prey somewhere around here?" Flame croaked. Quinter looked at his belly scales. "Yeah, I'm startin' to get hungry." Blicket looked at Wildew, who nodded.

"Wildew's a good hunter. He can catch pelagornis from the forest." She suggested. At the signal, Wildew stopped and scanned the forest, still as a tree on a calm day. His nose twitched as he burst into sprinting and jumping on a deer. Clawing and ripping it's guts, he dragged the male back triumphantly. The other three rejoiced and dug in. Blicket wasn't a fan of furry things. Too stringy. She waited for the meat to show after everyone eating to eat her share. After they were done they moved on. Walking through the forest.. Sometimes she missed when she and Wildew walked alone.. No quest for revenge, no worries. But she HAD to do this. "Come on, we need to get there by dark!" She suddenly rushed ahead, the others following.

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