A Yuty's Quest

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A Yuty's Quest

Chapter 14

Quinter moved around, shuffling insects into pouches. Flame had woken up. Quinter had asked many questions. "Who are you?" Was one. "Why are you here?" Another.. "What are you doing?" There was many more, so they just told him everything. Apparently he was a good fighter but hadn't seen dinos in years, practicing on stone rock piles. He had asked to come, and when Wildew said "Well.. No." He had insisted on coming, speaking convincingly. After a while of "I could help you take Frostbitten down, I'm a good fighter" and "You'll need me for knowledge. I tend to know things" Blicket had enough and said "FINE! MAKE IT STOP!" Very, very dramatically. After gathering Quinter's things, the four walked out of the tunnel, towards the journey through the forest.

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