A Yuty's Quest

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A Yuty's Quest

Chapter 9

Blicket did NOT like this. As the deinons dragged her in the arena, a wyvern flew down. It looked like he WANTED to fight. It was an adolecent fire wyvern, with many scars. It hissed, smiling. A bell rang from the middle of the watching crowd. She wasn't ready for this. The wyvern shot a blast of fire. She dodged quickly. He may be stronger, but she was faster. She jumped behind him and bit his fleshy underbelly on his tail. She ripped a huge hole. The wyvern whipped around and blasted a huge ball of fire. It caught her right leg. It didn't spread, it just sat there, burning flesh and fur. She limped over to a pool of water on the side of the arena. When she dipped her foot in, she felt a hole. Big enough to crawl through. 'Is this our way out? Are we going to be free?' She thought.

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