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A Yuty's Quest

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A Yuty's Quest

Chapter 8

"So." Wildew asked. "Is there anything else we should know?" He looked at Flame. "Yes." The allo croaked. "Every day, a fight goes on in the arena. If you win enough fights, and the gaurds' favor, you'll be set free. Takes a few months though." Flame explained. "Ouch." Blicket sighed. Wildew knew she was thinking the same thing. "That'll take forever." He thought outloud. "I know!" Blicket said. She explained her plan quietly. "During the arena fights, we could quickly earn the guards' liking, and get weapons. That way we win faster! We get set free, and then come back and get you, Flame!" As she finished, Wildew nodded. "Leave me here, I am okay with rotting." Flame mumbled. "No! You're coming with us." Blicket roared, too loud. Four deinonychus guards rushed over, apparently heard what they said. "Oh, look! Someone wants to fight today!" The female guard hissed. One of the male guards took the keys and unlocked the cage as the other three grabbed Blicket.

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