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A Yuty's Quest-

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A Yuty's Quest-

A fanfiction made by Seasnake,

Before this was The journey to the Abberation Trench in allosaur section-

Chapter 1: Darkness surrounded her. Her egg tooth scratched the egg. A crack opened on the side. Light. She scratched more. A larger crack opened a whole for her to crawl through. She tipped the egg and crawled out. Light was everywhere. Two yutyrannus sat close by, a male and female, and a smaller female one next to them, their eyes glowing into her fur. Next to her was a large egg, probably as old as she was. She crawled out into the open and next to the bigger ones. "Hello, Blicket." The female one said. "Icebreaker, are you sure that you want to name her that?" The male said. Icebreaker nodded. "Glorybringer, come look at your sister!" The smaller one padded over. She was her big sister. "Yes, Furbeak." The egg next to her moved. It cracked open. Blicked padded over on two tiny feet and jumped on the egg, helping her brother. The egg opened. "Wildew!"

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