The Desert

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The Desert

Chapter 4 (Mercury)

‘This strange creature who’s name was Magma has been here for a month. We don’t know if his friends are alive, but we are going to attack the humans today.’ Mercury said to himself.

“Mercury, are you ready?” Said the poison wyvern team leader.

“Yes, I’m ready Bio Toxin.” Said Mercury.

“Igneous and shock are ready. Igneous has his team of wyverns, Api, Wuta, and what was his name again? I can’t remember. But shock is ready with his wyverns. Their names are secret for some reason.” Said Bio Toxin.

“What about Magma?” Said Mercury.

“He’ll be riding on you. You can hold a lot of weight before, you can do it again right?” Said Bio Toxin.

“I can do it again.” Said Mercury. Mercury flew around the trench and found Magma.

“You’ll be riding on me.” Said Mercury.

“When are we going?” Asked Magma.

“Right now.” Replied Mercury. Magma got onto Mercury’s back and Mercury flew towards the area they were going towards. Once they got there, Mercury landed and Magma hopped off.

“Remember the plan. Lightning wyverns will break the walls, poison wyverns will shoot bio toxin (not the team leader) and kill any humans. Then you get to run through and fire wyverns will be with you shortly.” Said Mercury.

“Got it.” Replied Magma. Just then, the lightning wyverns destroyed the walls. The poison wyverns shot bio toxin (again, not the team leader.) into the room, and Magma saw a few human corpses on the ground. Magma walked in through the broken walls. (Going to write a part two to this.)

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