King of Dragons

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King of Dragons

Chapter seventeen

Sarah, Kalmar and Spark were almost too horrified to speak,

“He’s... dead” Sarah stuttered.

“How is this... happening” Kalmar said through tears. Even Spark was crying, Aidan was dead, he was the only reason they were still alive, and now he’d sacrificed his life to protect them.

“Take us down” Sarah said to Spark.

“Very well.” Spark said. The pair jumped onto Sparks back, and he flew them down to the lava river. Sarah and Kalmar dismounted and walked over to the bubbling red stream.

“Oh Aidan, thank you” Sarah said, tears in her eyes.

“We will miss you” Kalmar agreed.

“What will you do now?”, Sarah asked, turning to Spark.

“I must leave you, these wyverns need a leader, and I will be that leader”

“Oh Spark, very well” Sarah said lovingly.

“Goodbye Sarah and Kalmar”

“Goodbye Spark”, Spark spread his wings and swooped up into the air, and flying to the crowd of wyverns.

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