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King of Dragons

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King of Dragons

Chapter sixteen (I am literally crying as I right this)

The desert ghoul leapt at Kalmar, who threw it aside angrily.

“Will it ever give up?!” He shouted.

“Doesn’t look like it!” Sarah replied. She slashed at the ghoul with her sword, but it dodged and attempted to scratch her, but she jumped backwards. Aidan leapt forwards with his sword, slashing and stabbing, but the ghoul was too fast. Kalmar stabbed at it with his pike, but missed, the ghoul pushed him backwards, and when Sarah tried to attack it, it did the same. It leapt at Aidan, knocking the sword out of his hand. The two wrestled with each other furiously, and with every step got closer to the edge. Suddenly, they fell off.

“AAAIIIIDAAAAN!!!!!!!” Sarah and Kalmar screamed as they ran to the edge. The two were falling quickly, and it would only be a matter of time before they died.

The pair hit a ledge with a thud, but then rolled off, still wrestling, however, just as they fell off, Aidan kicked away the ghoul and grabbed onto the ledge, hanging off. The ghoul plummeted into the lava and sank, burning as it screeched horribly.

“I’m so sorry” Aidan said, and then let go, plummeting down into the lava. He hit it with a plop, and began to sink, he lifted up his right arm, and did a thumbs up with his hand, just as his body sank into the lava, leaving nothing but the hand, still in the thumbs up position, but then that sank too (terminator reference).

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