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King of Dragons

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King of Dragons

Chapter ten (things are about to get interesting)

“Oh come on!!” Kalmar yelled as the wyvern crawled towards them. Spark leapt forward, slashing the side of its face and bit onto its bottom jaw, ripping it off. The wyvern howled in pain, but was silenced when its throat was slit by a precise slash from Sparks claws.

“GET THEM!!!” The immense wyvern roared.

“Move it!” Aidan yelled, and the trio jumped onto Sparks back and flew into the air. All around them, wyverns were taking flight and converging on them, with Redclaw watching intently. Spark soared through the air, going straight through the gap they had come in through, wyverns following them, snarling and hissing. Eventually, they burst out through the gap, and into the air, wyverns following quickly. Suddenly, there was a thunderous rumble, and the side of the World Scar they had emerged from burst open, and Redwing crawled out, spreading his wings, and rising up into the air, roaring happily.

“I. AM. FREE!!!!!”

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