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King of Dragons

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King of Dragons

Chapter two

A group of five wyverns looked down at Aidan, Sarah and Kalmar, before blasting fire, lightning and poison down at them. The group dodged out of the way, only just avoiding death.

โ€œWhat the hell!? This is the last thing we need right now!โ€ Aidan shouted. Suddenly, Spark the lightning wyvern grabbed the sand drake he was battling and threw it aside, blasting lightning at it. The sand drake got up and turned to the three survivors.

โ€œYou have to be kidding me!โ€ Sarah yelled as the sand drake snapped at them. Kalmar leapt forward with his spear, stabbing at the drakes head as he dodged its every bite and scratch. Just as he was about to get a perfect hit, the drake spun around and knocked him aside with its tail, straight into the arms of the desert ghoul...

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