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A Velonasaur’s tale

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A Velonasaur’s tale

Chapter 2

As the dome shields went down, he saw raptors. But they had this black and purple stuff on them. “What happened to them?” Quills wondered. Suddenly, one of the raptors came at him. Quills shot down the raptor as he got close. What Quills didn’t realize is that how big the pack was. Then, he was being swarmed by raptors. “Dang raptors!” Quills said. Quills starting shaking as his quills launched off him and onto the raptors. “That should be all of them.” There was about 7-8 corpses on the ground. “What happened here...” Quills wondered as he saw the huge wasteland and the black and purple spikes. Then a voice beside him said “This is the corruption.” Quills quickly moved to the side and was ready to attack. “Who are you?” Quills said. “I am a gasbags, but I do not have a name.” “Are you going anywhere today?” Quills said. “I am going to the snow dome to find a snow owl and a managarmr to help stop the corruption.” The gasbags said.

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