The Red Pike

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The Red Pike

Red’s story, chapter 1

Red was swimming at the bottom of the ocean, not too far away from herbivore island. Red would always go up to herbivore island and get some food there, mainly basilosaurus, sharks, and sometimes the huge whales near there if she was feeling risky, and very hungry. Red saw a mosa swim around, not noticing the huge squid. Red swam closer until she could grab it, and once she had grabbed it, she started stabbing it with her tentacles, sometimes skin being ripped of leaving blood. Once the mosa was dead, Red ate what was left of mosa. Then, red headed up near the surface, because she thought she had seen something strange. It was heading towards herbivore island! There were also many of the metal platforms zooming across the ocean. Red headed deeper where she wouldn’t be seen. Red thought of a plan, she could not let these strange things take over her island, and her’s only.

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