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Tyrant’s Rise- Chapter 11

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Tyrant’s Rise- Chapter 11

Slav ran like heck towards his house. He had to get to his tames, and fast.

A massive roar sounded as Titan ran towards Slav.

“No, Titan!” Slav yelled as he was running away. “Don’t do it, Titan!”

Titan shot a blast of lightning from his cannons. Slav ducked, and it hit a Mosasaurus in the water.

Slav’s Mosasaurus.

Eventually, nothing was left, except for Titan, Slav, Parker, and Flash, Slav’s Gallimimus.

Nedti flew in on a Quetz.

“We have to get out.” Slav mumbled.

They flew off, away from the smoldering wreckage.

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