Tyrant’s Rise- Chapter 9

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Tyrant’s Rise- Chapter 9

Victor had isolated the green obelisk tribe from the world. With the help of his scientists, they had found the use of the “Toxicant Tea.” It was an element-based substance that turned tames into super powered monsters.

“He’s working alone.” Nedti whispered, looking through her spyglass at Victor’s lab from the back of her Tapejara.

“Let’s go.” Slav replied. He grabbed a bola and some handcuffs, and then a piece of fiber to make a mouth cover.

Two minutes later, Slav came out, dragging a tranquilized Victor behind him. Nedti whistled her Tapejara to land.

And then they were surrounded by guards.

“Well, well.” Cenness said, stepping to the front of the mob, “thanks to this awful crime, Victor and I will choose a new test subject for the Tea.”

“Who?” Slav stuttered.

“Your giga, Titan.”

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