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Tyrant’s Rise- Chapter 8

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Tyrant’s Rise- Chapter 8

Slav could not believe what he saw in the cave three days ago. Arciro was dead. He was dead, and Victor claimed that he had been killed by megalosaurs.

Speaking of Victor, he had been testing and testing his “Toxicant Tea” for its chemical properties with a scientist named Cenness. The good reputations of the Green Obelisk Tribe had dropped significantly, and Victor had disappeared into his lab for days at a time.

“We have to strike now.” Nedti said, twirling an arrow in her fingers.

“No!” Slav replied. “We can’t kill him. He’s with all those scientists 24/7!”

“Yes, I know that.” Nedti said, “but maybe we can separate him from those scientists.

“You mean kidnap him?”


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