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Tyrant’s Rise- Chapter Seven

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Tyrant’s Rise- Chapter Seven

“Power never comes to those who truly deserve it.” Arciro’s uncle had said. Arciro had been only five at that time, but now he understood. His brother did not deserve power, but now...

“You gotta hand it to him.” Nedti said, “Victor was a pretty good chief besides the whole world-domination thing.”

“I guess.” Slav replied, “and he wants us to go to the Tek cave with him on some sort of expedition.”

The others looked at Slav. “Let’s go.” Arciro said.

The Tek cave was... not a fun place. All sorts of stupid creatures got in their way, and Victor was no better.

“March!” He yelled, over and over until they got to the center of the cavern.

Just then, four arthropleuras attacked. “I’ll hold them off!” Arciro yelled. He took Tigerhorn to the fight.

Meanwhile, Victor and Slav discovered something amazing. A small vial full of light bluish green liquid and the name “Edmund Rockwell” written on it.

“We found it!” Victor yelled. “Out, now!”

Tigerhorn did not survive. The arthropleuras wouldn’t survive for much longer either. Tears streamed down Arciro’s face.

“No!” He shouted to Victor. “You dragged me out here to get my carnotaurus killed!”

“He’s not the only one to die here.” Victor said. He stuck Arciro to the wall with cementing paste. He took the Thylacoleo Hook-Claw out of his pocket and slowly walked towards Arciro.

“What are you doing?!” Arciro said, as Victor cut his throat and he dropped silently to the ground.

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