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Tyrant’s Rise- Chapter Five

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Tyrant’s Rise- Chapter Five

“Nice joke, green obelisk tribe!” The guard laughed. “I see we have some surprise visitors to tonight’s banquet.”

“Kill them.” Victor snarled at Arciro.


“Do it.”


“Do it now or I throw you off the volcano.”

Arciro painfully loaded the minigun turret. He got in and fired. He began to see red, and not just from the blood of the guards he had to kill.

“Titanosaurs, attack!” Victor’s chief general Nedti yelled. The titanosaurs busted the metal defenses, and all of a sudden the red obelisk tribe was stampeded by the feet of doom. The titanosaurs had fun on their new stomping grounds, but the Reds were ready to retaliate. They rode their gigas through the damaged, horrible mess of the town. Slav and Nedti came up to Arciro, who was trying to pick off the green obelisk soldiers atop their argys.

“Dont sabotage like that.” Nedti whispered. “It’s too obvious.” She was wearing a full Ghilie suit, and carrying an assault rifle. Slav was decked out in full flak, atop his raptor and carrying a pump action shotgun. He had a giga, an araneo, a gallimimus, a mammoth, and three other raptors trailing him.

“Jeez, dude.” Arciro’s eyes boggled. “Did you bring all your tames.?!”

“Yeah, almost. I left a few at home.”

“Shut up, guys.” Nedti was looking through her spyglass. “They’ve reached the main center building- at the obelisk.”

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