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Tyrant’s Rise- Chapter 4

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Tyrant’s Rise- Chapter 4

Arciro hated marching. He hated Victor, and he hated marching. Now, he had to march at Victor’s command, in agony, across the ——ing ARK.

“It’s. A. Peaceful. Tribe.” Arciro rasped, for the five hundredth time.

“Shut up.” Had been the only word “Chief Victor” had said for the past three days as they rode their invasion creatures to the red obelisk. But now, he said something different.

“I need more power.” He snarled. “I need to prove to the world that I am the greatest chief ever.” He took out a Thylacoleo Hook-Claw out of his pocket and pointed it at Arciro. “And if you argue with me one more time, I will not hesitate to kill you.

They arrived at the red obelisk several hours later. A tribesman yelled from the fortress.

“Why are you here, green obelisk tribe?!”

Victor yelled back, “To invade you!”

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