Ok Redwood Chad, ima give you an idea of who all the fanfictioners are and where to find them.

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Ok Redwood Chad, ima give you an idea of who all the fanfictioners are and where to find them. If you already know all this, that’s fine.

Seasnake- the original, she wrote Journey to the aberration trench in allo, then continued to Yuty, crystal wyvern, deinonychus, dragon then Rockwell, that’s where she is currently. Her headquarters is in slate dye.

DTG- He wrote Dodo Tales, which starts in achatina and is currently in gigantopithecus. He’s also started a new story called Inevitability which starts in Achatina and goes in alphabetical order (same as dodo tales) and is now in Arthropleura. His headquarters is in black dye.

Bob- wrote Song of Compys and Gigas, which goes in alphabetical order from Achatina, but is now cancelled. They have now started Empires Fall in Achatina. They’re headquarters is in yellow dye.

Swamp guy- he wrote The Swamp in kapro, then moved to quetzal, followed by Araneo, titano, megapithecus, liopleurodon, and is now in Phoenix. He’s also writing Genesis Tales in Megachelon. His headquarters is in green dye.

Skronkmonster- started in quetz, then moved to ferox, then noglin. They’re currently inactive.

Lamprey- Started in Crystal wyvern queen, which isn’t their best work, started a better one in magmasaur, then Rex. I’m not sure where they are now, but go to glow tail for extra stuff from other games they’ve played. They’re headquarters is in cyan dye.

Poechilothera Metallica- Wrote Draconis Tales which started in wyvern, then moved to rock drake, followed by managarmr, then crystal wyvern. They’ve also started Isle of the Griffins in Griffin and The Twilight Ark in pego. They’re headquarters is in sky dye.

Dilo Girl- Wrote Acid the dilo in dilo section, now writing Drake the Dimprphodon in Dimorphodon. Her headquarters is in pink dye.

CL1- wrote Procoptodon Chronicles in procoptodon, now writing Final Beast in Onyc, CL1 also started Ark Myths in glowbug, which anyone can contribute to. Her headquarters is in olive dye.

Apex (me)- Speed typer, I finish my stories really quickly. They’re also quite violent, probs the most violent stories here. I’ve also written more stories than anybody else, mine starts in reaper and is now in Scout. My headquarters is in mud dye.

Red dragon- newest fanfictioner, they’re writing The Allo Tooth Necklace in allo. They’re headquarters is in brown dye.


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