Nox’s miniature adventure- By Swamp Guy

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Nox’s miniature adventure- By Swamp Guy

(This story takes place when Nox is just a little kid kapro. Roughtooth is still alive at this time.)

Nox and Roughtooth happily pranced through the swamp, chasing a dodo. “He’s mine now!” Roughtooth yelped.

“Not yet!” Nox pounced, but overshot and ended up close to the redwoods. An achatina peered at him. “Aaah!” He yelled, and Roughtooth came up behind him.

“Nothing to worry about, he’s just a little snail.”

“You’re just a little lunch.” Said a gruff voice. They looked up to see....a terror Bird!

The chase was long and difficult. Nox stumbled often. The terror bird tripped on a root and was eaten by a sarco.

“Aaahhh...” Roughtooth sighed. “Sometimes it’s good to live in the swamp.

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