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Once, I was patrolling the beach with my raptor squad and…

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Once, I was patrolling the beach with my raptor squad and I saw a beautiful black and white male spino taking a stroll. The level was 47. I thought instantly it would make a good match for my level 56 female spino back at base. I ran back and grabbed my ptera, soared over there and my friend, being picked up, shot tranq arrows at it. He finally fell, and my kibble and meat were ready. I waited with the dododex things and after all the waiting, he stood up as mine, a level 54 spino named Cod. Cod followed us back to base. I looked at the female spino, named Octopus, and bred them. I bred them twice, to get two eggs, and hatched the eggs at the same time. I waited, and my timer stopped. The eggs had hatched and five children came out. Bubbles Jr(rip), Salmon, Mosa, Shark, and Fish. Shark and Fish were females. Others males. I decided to grow them strong, and to level up Bubbles Jr the most, in honor of Bubbles. I was getting Mosa some experience when I heard my friend yelling. "Rexes are attacking!" He had yelled, and as soon as I got the message I ran and got Cod and Octopus into the fight, riding Octopus. Octopus was fighting a level 78 rex, with me on her shooting rifles. Sadly Octopus fell and I switched the saddle to Cod, and screamed in my head at the thought of my first spino dying. My beloved Octopus. I fought harder. Sadly, Cod was at low health whilst fighting the same rex. Cod fell to the ground. I grabbed the saddle, running back. I hopped on Bubbles Jr and called the rest of the squad to help. They killed the rexes easily, and Bubbles Jr fought the last one. Bubbles Jr had very low health, so I hurried back to base. Sadly, on Valgrueo, a deinonychus came out of nowhere and bled him. Stumbling to the ground, I silently mourned and Mosa helped dragged the body to Spirit Tree. Spirit Tree is where we bury our beloveds. I made a gravestone for Cod, Octopus and their child. I had I feeling to make up for it. I grabbed the three best spinos (Mosa, Shark and Salmon) and raced to the Abberation Trench with my buddies on the other spinos as I rode Mosa. We tamed a Ravager, a Spino, and a Featherlight. We didnt have enough room so we left them and headed back up. I will make a journey later to get them in honor of the fallen. I vowed.

(Continue-> Allosaurus Section-> Tips-> Stories-> Journey to the Abberation Trench. Go to chapter 2, chapter 1 is lost and you dont need it. Skip chapter three, its just them swimming and its lost. Chapter 9 and 10 in Funny section for some reason.)

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