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Episode seven: the wall of blood

“Captain Alice!” James shouted from behind the door that marked the entrance to Alice’s room.

“What do you want?” She asked.

“We’ve detected a large life form roaming the corridors near the incubation room” Alice opened the door and walked out to meet him.

“What could it be?” She asked

“We think it’s a reaper, but we can’t be sure”

“Well if it’s near the incubation room then it could find and destroy the egg. Tell Saw, Kai and Louis to come here immediately, and make sure they arm themselves”

A few minutes later, the group were running through the corridors towards the incubation room. When they got there, they were met with a shocking sight.

“It’s destroyed, the incubator, and the egg.” Louis muttered.

“No, the egg isn’t destroyed, it hatched, and the baby tore apart the incubator in an attempt to get out” Kai told them.

“So, does that mean that the life form we thought was a reaper could actually be what hatched from the egg?” James asked.

“Quite possibly”

“Well let’s go outside and find it!” Saw shouted. They went outside, only to be greeted by a wall turned red by blood...

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