The Sea Of Despair

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The Sea Of Despair

Chapter ten

The desert ghoul snarled happily as it saw a lightning wyvern wrestling with a sand drake, but it wasn’t them it wanted, it was the people on the wyverns back that caught its attention.

Spark grabbed the sand drake and threw it aside, pinning it down and blasting lightning at its face, burning one side, and then clawing the other. It grabbed Spark and flipped him over, causing Sarah, Aidan and Kalmar to fall off. Then, it slashed at Sparks face, but received a blast of lightning that knocked it backwards.

Aidan heard a screech and turned around, coming face to face with the desert ghoul, which snarled happily.

“What the...!?” Suddenly, the desert ghoul slashed at his side and pushed him backwards into Kalmar. Sarah pulled out her sword and slashed at the ghoul, but it jumped backwards and cackled.

“Eat this!” Kalmar shouted as he threw a rock at the ghoul, hitting it on the head and knocking a few teeth out. Yet it still turned back to them and screeched angrily. Then, at that moment, there was a thunderous roar coming from nearby...

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