Bio horror

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Bio horror

Chapter eleven

A huge, glowing green spider like creature burst out of the water, screeching happily.

โ€œThe hell is that!?โ€ Sam yelled.

โ€œWho knows! Letโ€™s kill it!โ€ John said. Two large arms ending with sharp spikes appeared out of its body, and it stabbed at the group with them. They dodged out of the way and shot at the thing, making holes in its hide that leaked a strange green liquid. It roared furiously, and the spike on its left arm transformed into a sharp blade, and it swung it at them, trying to slash them open.

โ€œIโ€™ve got an idea!โ€ Sarah shouted, and jumped at one of its legs, climbing up it and grabbing onto its back. She got out a shotgun and blasted a hole in its back. It screamed in pain as the pulled out a grenade and shoved it into the wound, before jumping off just as its body blew to pieces and rained green blood and flesh down on them.

They had won.

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