Bio horror

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Bio horror

Chapter five

Blackness, all he could see was blackness, all he could taste was blood, and all he could hear was gunshots. A reaper had attacked them on their way to john’s base, the group were fighting back, apart from Sam. He lay on the floor, badly wounded, the reaper had grabbed him in it’s jaws and thrown him.

“I won’t let myself die again” Sam muttered to himself as he stumbled to his feet, remembering back to the day he died. Then, he looked around for his gun, but couldn’t tinfoil it.

“Damn” he muttered as he unsheathed his sword, and leapt at the reaper. He managed to slash at the side of it’s face, but was then knocked to the ground. The others continued to shoot, and then the reaper stumbled.

“Perfect” Sam slid under the reaper and stabbed upwards with his sword, piercing the reaper’s flesh and striking its heart, killing it. The reaper fell, dead.

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