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Chapter three

The alpha nameless smashed into Kalmar and knocked him backwards into the wall. Sam began to shoot at it, but gave up when the bullets didn’t do much damage. It grabbed Sam and threw him away, but when it turned to Sarah, it fell backwards as a series of bullets from her assault rifle struck it. It screamed in pain and collapsed. Just as it tried to get up, Sarah stood on it and pinned it to the ground, where it snarled angrily.

“Get the hell of of it!” A voice shouted from outside, recognising the voice, Sarah let the nameless get up, but it was blasted in the back by charge. It screamed in pain as the charge continued to burn its back, and it began to sizzle. Sarah could hardly look as it continued to smoke and sizzle, and then, it fell to the floor, and began to melt, skin and flesh liquefying and dripping onto the floor. The melting alpha staggered to its feet and stepped towards the source of the charge, but collapsed again, and then, all of the flesh melted off, revealing nothing but a skeleton. The charge blast vanished, and the skeleton continued to smoke. Sarah walked towards the source of the charge, followed by Sam and Kalmar. They gasped as they stared at the huge, muscly man standing infront of them.

“John?” Sarah asked.

“Yeah, it’s me, John, don’t ask how.” He said.

“Oh hell!” Sam shouted as the skeleton rose to its feet, but then, it disintegrated on the spot.

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