Talons of War

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Talons of War

Book one; A Hidden World


Three shapes stood over a dark misty pool, lined with dripping wet acid.

"What did you call this for?" the female hissed. The first male glanced at the second, his green fins rippling with worry. "I don't think we're the only ones in this world." he whispered, occasionally gazing up at a thin line of light coming from a small tunnel.

"What do you mean, Ven?" a new voice appeared from the bushes, making Ven jump.

"Enum," Ven growled. "I told you not to do that."

"Anyway," Enum rolled her eyes. "What is it?"

The second male glared at Enum. "I think Acidum has something to say."

Acidum bared her teeth at the male. "What do you mean, Malum?"

"Calm down!" Ven roared, spitting drops of burning acid through the air. "I just wanted to say that our scouts found a tunnel to a bright surface. In this cave, we might be the only ones. But out there, they saw uncharted creatures! Not like the prey down here, they were talking! Speaking our language! Don't you think that's important?"

Enum's eyes widened. She looked around nervously, and left in a rush.


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