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The Last Hope

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The Last Hope

Chapter 4

(1-3 are in dragon but you're gonna have to search them on google since it is a mess down there)

Juorignagh nodded and walked away from the strange group of Valgureo and Crystal Isles creatures. He had to bring his relics to his own cave. Clutching them in his claws, he dashed into the small tunnel and counted them. Two- one for Valgureo, a white and gold speckled one, and one for Genesis, a hexagon-ish blue one. The creatures had a half Abberation one, so they had used that. The other half would have been left behind, still usable.

Juor crawled through his tunnel back to the marketplace. The element river, known to the drakes as The Toxic Lake of Bones, glowed brighter than before. Everyone in the Blue Cavern watched it as huge bubbles blew from the river. Some drake gasped.

"I heard that a human jumped in the lake and swallowed some of it! Then he ran onto corruption!" She panted. Juor looked around uneasily. The bubbles turned to lumps, and a giant squid-thing with tentacles and a purple body ish thingy arose. It was very.. odd. While Juor looked at it with confusion, the rest of the drakes grabbed their glowpets and ran. Blackrain, Juorignagh's light pet, a black featherlight, flew onto his tail.

The creature roared, doing weird things with it's mouth. "I AM ROCKWELL!" Rockwell bellowed, reaching for the Daycare cave. "I will destroy you, rockdrakes! You are no match for my POWER!" He laughed triumphantly. Juor dashed towards the Daycare cave before the tentacle could, fully in disguise.

"Get out, all of you!" He ordered the little ones. While the Guardians rushed them out, one of the NewHatchlings, a dark blue and black one, screamed. He wriggled himself into the corner, trying but failing to go invisible. NewHatchlings could not.

"Come here," Juor whispered softly, hoping it would reach the tiny ball of feathers. "I can help you."

The NewHatchling sprawled on the floor and wept. "Where's m-mommy?"

"Shhh," Juor picked him up gently with his mouth and raced out, climbing a rock before Rockwell could reach him. He looked over to the squid human thing, and it looked at Juor. Panicking, he glided into his own tunnel and ran.

He got to his own home and sat on the nest, putting the NewHatchling down. "You STAY." Juor ordered, rushing outside and grabbing a few rocks, mending it with dirt to create a blockage to the Marketplace. He sat down with the NewHatchling. "What's your name?" Juor asked.

"F-Farion," Farion shivered.

"I'm Juorignagh, but you can call me Juor." Juor softly grabbed Farion and placed him in the nest.

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