CHAPTER THREE (The Battel against the reaper Queen)

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CHAPTER THREE (The Battel against the reaper Queen)


A Reaper Queen Went into the RockDrake nests and Started destroying nests and homes. Whatโ€™s going on said Rockdrake 1. Itโ€™s a reaper queen said Rockdrake 8. The reaper queen targeted a baby drake then in that second Glider jumped in front of the baby rockDrake and growled at the reaper. Back off Said Glider. The Queen Reaper Growled at glider. Tiny the baby Drake is that you said Glider. Yes said Tiny. Well tiny run back to ur nest itโ€™s not safe here we got a reaper queen here. Tiny sprinted back to his nest. Glider growls at the reaper queen. Then rockdrakes where coming to help. Nameless appeared and some turns red and howled. Reaper kings where appearing. Glider growls at the queen and kings. Then the entire colony of drakes was coming but spinos bulgdogs and othere animals and Dinoโ€™s where coming to watch. Glider stepped towrd the reaper queen the queen backed up. Glider kept stepping towards it tell the reaper

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