CHAPTER THREE PART TWO (The Battle against the reaper queen)

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CHAPTER THREE PART TWO (The Battle against the reaper queen)


Reaper queen Went and shot out the tranqullizing pins out of its tail. The Reaper Queen growled at Glider. Glider bite the reaper the reaper was almost defeated.Glider Jumped on the Reaper And dug in here claw in to the reapers neck and then the reaper queen fell to the browned and gave of reaper pheromones and Glider jumped off.

All the animals cheard to Glider.

A few weeks later. โ€œThe queen drake walks over to gliderโ€

Hey Glider The Reaper Queen Defeter I Challenge you to a RockDrake Queen Battle to determin the next queen of the Drakes. Said The Queen Drake. I accept said Glider

Glider jumped on Queen Drake and pushed her claw into the queen drakeโ€™s neck and then all of the sudden Glider leveled up stronger and faster. Then the Queen drake fell and lost the challenge.

Glider was the new queen of the drakes. Glider went up to the light area and picked up flowers and put them in here nest.

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