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By Feather by air stream and by sky diver said Glider. Hi seems like you made it up to the surfs area where you can see the cruppted obelisk said madam surprised. Madam set up the ship while Glider went to look around. Then an alpha surfs reaper king pops out of the ground. C’mon The Ships Done said madam. I’m coming I’m sorta being chased by a reaper king alpha. Said Glider. “The Ship took of to the other planet. Uhh oh I can’t control it said madam

WHAT!! Said Glider. “Ship crashes into the desert biom”.

I’ve read about a cruppted version of a Rockdrake said Glider. I’ve read in books that all sorts of Dino’s get cruppted with elements dode. Said Glider. A Crystal wyvern flew out of the desert Titan cave. What’s that said madam. I’m a crystal wyvern I look more like a Fire wyvern with crystals in its head and back. So my name is ember. And you are said Ember. I’m glider and over there is Madam. Said Glider would you like to join us on

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