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CHAPTER 4 PART TWO (New Mate A New Family)

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CHAPTER 4 PART TWO (New Mate A New Family)


To The Cold cave to incubate the eggs. Since the reaper queen was defeated they had no more problems with nameless. The next six hours. Glider went to the cave to imprint on her baby. She brought back a blue and light red male and female. Hey Feather we got twins said Glider. Cool Glider said Feather. Iโ€™m going to call the male sky diver said Feather. And Iโ€™m going to call the femaleโ€œair streamโ€ said Glider. A seeker came to glider and gave here a message from Madam โ€œmessageโ€ wen will you be visiting with your mate and babyโ€™s. Cโ€™mon Feather and sky diver and air stream where going to the light area said Glider!! This is my mate Feather and my two children sky diver and air stream said Glider. Chapter 5 will be in king Titan section because there next journey is in extinction. Hope you guys like the THE DRAKE GLIDER series

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