Chapter two part three THE DRAKE GLIDER

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Chapter two part three THE DRAKE GLIDER

They where surprised that she had returns to there base with no attacks. What should we call this Rockdrake. ,said Madam. I have an idea โ€œsuger gliderโ€ said Glider. Who said that said Madam. I did said Glider turning of invisibility. Well thatโ€™s a great name Thanks Glider. Said Madam. Ur welcome said Glider pleased. Hey should we check out where you live Glider asked Madam. Yea why not said Glider. Follow me said Glider. Okay said Robert And Madam. This is where I live. everyone gasped. Are you humans here to steal another Drake egg. Nono said madam. Where here to see what itโ€™s like here.

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