THE Drake glider)chapter 2

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THE Drake glider)chapter 2

As days and weeks passed by. Madam Found Glider in his base looking at the adolescent Drake. Glider was shocked. Eeec hello human ,said Glider . How did you get in here you rock Drake ,said Madam. Umm I was curious about where you where taking that egg ,said Glider. Robert walked in and saw a Glider and then โ€œyelled outโ€ a willed Drake.!!!! Iโ€™ve got it under control she followed us cause She was curious about the Rock Drake Egg ,said Madam. Umm he..hello Robert ,She Stammerd. Here take this pile of raw meat ,said Robert. Glider ate the meat then heard stomping out side the base. DANG IT thereโ€™s an ALPHA karinos coming our way, said Madam. The karinos bashed the glass at the base. Where did glider go ,said Madam. Who is Glider said Robert. That Wild Drake. HHHHEEEELLLLPPPP said Glider as she was being carried away by the alpha karinos. Where coming!! said Madam!!! Robert got on his karinos and got the alpha karinos to drop here. Then Madam Went over and had

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