(THE drake flight)Made by ZinoRex

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(THE drake flight)Made by ZinoRex

a player named: madam pulled out his spy glass and saw a level 158 Rockdrake he looked around with his tribe mate Robbert for an egg with That same level158 then a Rockdrake named glider followed them to see what they where doing They found an egg level 71 they grabbed it then the whole nest was agents them and they went out of there luckily they survived but Glider followed them to see where they where going with that egg!?! She had never been Obote the under ground element cave! She was surprised that more things lived up there then down in where the drakes come. She was able to see the egg incubat but she also found about what happens to the other eggs!!!! They where huge they had saddles on them. A tamed drake named Feather snarled at glider. Glider turned invisible and hid on madam’s base roof and watched the egg incubat! She wonders what would happen to the egg so she watched as madam imprinted and took care of the baby drake. It took days

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