The Island

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The Island

Chapter 7

Once everyone got across the river, the megapithecus and his gorillas started fighting. Strength stepped on a few of them, and ate a few of the gorillas. Strength looked over at bear squad one, which was not doing good. They had lost one member and now there was 4 of them. Strength ran over to the four dire bears to help them. Strength ate the gorillas attacking the squad and ran over to help other people being swarmed. And then, the megapithecus roared, and yutyrannus and dire wolves came to the fight. The Yuties were roaring, giving the gorillas hope. When they felt that they were losing, they saw lava. The magmasaurs had made it to the fight! Strength ran over to the magmasaurs.

“We need to kill the yuties.” Strength told the magmasaurs.

“Got it.” Said Magma. Strength helped the magmasaurs get to their targets by killing any gorillas that got in there way. And then they got to the first yuty, which they killed quickly. They moved to the next yuty, and then one and soon most of the yuties were dead. The remaining yuties ran away, towards the mountain. And then most of the gorillas ran, and only the brave dared to stay. They finished of the brave gorillas and set up camp.

“Nice work. It seems the yuties were keeping them alive.” Said Strength.

“It wasn’t that hard to kill them. Our mission is to kill the megapithecus and then move on to the next one.” Said Magma.

“Well then, we will try to let you kill the megapithecus. And who sent you?” Said Strength

“The Overseer sent us on this mission. After this we don’t know what’s next.” Said Magma.

“I may come with you after this to help.” Said Strength.

“That would be great!” Said Magma.

“Very well then. Now we should rest from our battle.” Said Strength. Strength went into the darkness, and slept.

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