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Chapter eleven

The bandit leader unsheathed his sword, and leapt at Steelhide, he slashed at the weak side of his face, but quickly met his death as Steelhide ripped him in half, splattering blood everywhere.

“Great” John said. Steelhide turned to Sam and ran at him, baring his teeth.

“Oh no you don’t!” Kalmar shouted, and ran at Steelhide, shooting at the weak side of his face with a pistol, drawing blood. Sam jumped out of the way and shot Steelhides remaining eye, blinding him. John ran at Steelhide, a grenade in his hand. He grabbed the giant creatures face, and shoved a grenade into his mouth, pulling the pin. Just as he was about to run, Steelhide blindly bit onto Johns arm, stopping him from moving.

“Shi...” before John could finish, the grenade detonated, blowing Steelhide to pieces and killing John instantly. Sam and Kalmar ducked as blood rained down on them.

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