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Chapter five

“Sh...” before Kalmar could utter whatever rude word he going to say, Steelhide leapt at them, baring his teeth and ripping the trio apart (just kidding 😂)

A bullet wizzed through the air, striking Steelhide in the eye and knocking him sideways. He roared in pain, blood dripping out of his empty eye socket. A man leapt from behind a nearby mushroom tree and began shooting at Steelhide with an assault rifle. The man wore a suit of riot armour, he held an assault rifle in his hand, with a pistol strapped to his belt, which was covered in grenades. A sniper rifle and a flamethrower were slung over his shoulders, and he had a scarred face. The bullets bounced off of Steelhides skin, only angering him, Steelhide spun around and roared, but some bullets must have reached his mouth, as Steelhide screamed with pain and attempted to run. The man cursed and threw a bola at Steelhide, getting a direct hit and trapping him. He pulled out his flamethrower and blasted flames at him, burning the side of his face that was missing an eye, turning it into a blackened mess, and teeth began to fall out of his burning gums. The horribly mutilated Steelhide ripped through the bola and ran off into the forest.

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