Jaws of the Crocodile- Chapter 17

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Jaws of the Crocodile- Chapter 17

In the next four days, Nox kept thinking about the person on the Araneo. He and the other kapros didn’t know who it was. Neither did Kai or Jenny. Even Chiron didn’t know.

“What now?” Asked Kai at the next council meeting. He had been proclaimed Chief General of the village.

“We must clean up and rebuild.” Said the Head Councilman.

“I’ve got a tribe who can help with that.” Chiron chuckled.

Jenny had decided to stay in the redwoods. She had been amazed at the astounding lack of giga attacks. And Nox thought she also wanted to be with Kai. Actually, he knew. He was pretty good at spying.

It seemed everything was going back to normal.

Nox sat there at Roughtooth’s grave. His eyes were moist as he spoke.

“I did it, Roughtooth.” He began to cry. “I defeated him. For you.”

The other kapros, along with Jenny, Kai, and Chiron, stood behind him. They had started off on the long road to peace.

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