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Jaws of the Crocodile- Chapter 16

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Jaws of the Crocodile- Chapter 16

A sickening crunch sounded as Nox dug his teeth into Skrake’s tek helmet. He flung Skrake backwards.

“Tell them to get out!” He yelled at Cutter. They ran off, along with the broken, bruised and stunned redwoods and volcano forces. Nox was going to win this fight alone.

Nox looked around at the redwood trees. The first time he had ever come here, he had been so afraid. But now he was not afraid. Never afraid. For Roughtooth.

“For Roughtooth!” He roared, and he charged. Flames shot out of his armor, and he lifted up into the air. He was amazed, and he dove down for a killing blow.

Skrake flew up to meet him.

Nox fired bolts from his armor too, just like Crushjaw’s saddle. He was amazed at what humans could create.

“Prepare to meet your end!” Roared Skrake.

Nox struck him hard, knocking him back to the ground. He dove down for the kill.

He stopped. Skrake was begging for mercy. Nox topped of his armor and his weapons. He grabbed Skrake by the arms, and dragged him away.

Sssssshhhhhhk. A strange sound hit something hard. Nox dropped Skrake and turned around.

Skrake was dead, an arrow stuck in his throat.

Nox looked to see a mysterious figure on an Araneo scuttle away into the shadows.

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